Designed for the mindful explorer.

A tool for exploring entheogenic herbs with precision.

"Truly superior design" - Matt

"A psychonauts best friend" - Emily

"Simply genius. " - Bill H.

Accurate Dosing

Pre-load each bowl with a manageable dose.

Put those pre-journey nerves to rest. Embark on your entheogenic exploration with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that each bowl has a comfortable and manageable dose.

Multiple hits with no reloading

Revolving bowls allow for smooth travels

Journey slightly deeper with each hit; No need to reload bowls or prepare multiple pipes.

Travel within at your own pace

"This is a game changer. I love it"

The PentaPipe was created for all you mindful explorers of consciousness out there. Gone are the days of uncertainty - concerned about whether you loaded too little or too much. A few small hits in a row, at a gentle pace, allows for gracious and easeful unfolding into the depths of your Self. You have beautiful and meaningful experiences waiting for you. Approach them with the love and care they deserve, and journey in style with your essential self.

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