About Me & My Work With Salvia Divinorum

Journey with your essential self

Salvia Divinorum is a type of Sage that contains very interesting and unique properties.

Traditionally, it is used by healers and shamans as a powerful medicine for treating physical illness, addiction, depression and anxiety.

While the physical and psychological healing effects from the proper use of Salvia can be significant and profound - it can be a challenging medicine to work with, and requires a little bit of guidance. That little bit of guidance is where me, my offerings, and this website come into play.

Salvia Healings is dedicated to educating and sharing knowledge about Salvia and my work as a Salvia Guide and teacher.

As a Salvia Guide I provide group and one-on-one therapeutic Salvia Sessions, where I incorporate somatic therapy techniques and the lessons learned from working with Salvia for over a decade.

My main purpose is to teach you how you can use Salvia as a powerful ally for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Unlike the type of Sage you cook with, or the type of Sage that can be burned as incense, Salvia Divinorum, when ingested, creates a rapid and marked shift in consciousness. It is in this shift of consciousness where the opportunity for transformational healing lays, but given Salvia's unique and sometimes bizarre characterestic, many users find it to be an odd experience.

There's lots to explore, learn, and experience with regards to Salvia. I invite you to check out the writings and videos below, as well as a Salvia Pipe I designed and manufacture, and schedule an on-line or in-person appointment with me.

Education and Certifications

-B.A Psychology & B.S Finance - University of Texas at Dallas
-Somatic Psychotherapy Training - Comprehensive 2 Year Certification at Hakomi Institute of California
-Holistic & Integrative Nutrition Certification - Institute of Integrative Nutrition
-Body-Mind Centering Training - School for Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen